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Ahuja Holdings
Before You Contact Us.....

This is a polite message to anyone who is thinking of making contact with us.  We are a small property investment company with few staff.  We are not an estate agency with a branch manager, sales people and admin support.  The type of investors we work with are a certain type of investor and we want to make sure that you fit the bill.  If you don't then no hard feelings.  Maybe we can do business in the future.  But please only contact us if you agree with the following:

1. We do not do viewings

We believe in the overarching principle that the tenant should be able to have quiet enjoyment of the property we provide for them.  After all they pay our mortgage, wages and overheads so the last thing we want to do is upset them with multiple viewings by prospective buyers, agents, sourcers and surveyors.  The properties are in very basic condition but fully functional, legally compliant and free from any council improvement notices. So if you or a surveyor need to view the property do NOT contact us.

2. We do not provide rent statements

All we provide is the tenancy agreement.  More than likely there will be arrears as the tenants are usually unemployed people who get paid in arrears or low paid workers who struggle to make ends meet.  However these properties cashflow otherwise we would be out of business! If there is an issue with the tenant then the property will not be for sale and we would have instructed court proceedings.  

3. We do not offer discounts

The properties are keenly priced anyway so if you are looking to buy any of our properties below market value then please do not contact us.  We expect the full asking price as advertised.

4. There are no home reports

If you are interested in any of our Scottish stock bear in mind there are no home reports. We sell our Scottish stock as portfolios at a minimum size of two properties.

5. We sell properties one at a time

If you are looking to buy quite a few English properties at once then all we ask is that you buy one property first to see how we get on.  If we get on fine then multiple property purchases are possible.

6. A small deposit of £100 is payable on every agreed deal

We call this a financial handshake.  If you are serious about buying one of our properties all we ask is that you pay £100 which goes fully towards the purchase price.  It lets everyone know you are committed to buy.

Remember that the whole transaction is conducted by solicitors acting for both sides so if there was anything ugly lurking in the background it would soon be discovered!

If you would like to make on offer on an investment property having read and agreed to how we work please fill out the form below.

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AMPG Ltd t/a Ahuja Holdings
U1, South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way,
Chatteris, Cambs PE16 6TT
United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    AMPG Ltd t/a Ahuja Holdings U1, South Fens Business Centre, Fenton Way, Chatteris, Cambs PE16 6TT
    Company Number: 07135556
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